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London LawyersOur London lawyers form a leading criminal defence practice so you no matter what the issue we are ready and confident to support your case.  We are on your side from the word go, so you can rest assured that people with experience and expertise are working on your case. We are based in the heart of the country so all the latest news and innovative thinking of the city is utilised in our services. Whether you are a witness to a crime, defendant or victim we can provide you the best advice and representation.

Why Choose Us as Your Lawyers?

We have a client centred approach to our work, so no matter what your stance on a case we ensure the best possible outcomes for you are achieved.  Understanding  clients and their needs is our primary aim and in cases of a sensitive nature we have 100% privacy and discretion policy when handling cases.  We are a medium sized firm but with extensive networking links, so even if you are not within reach of the  office we will be able to find someone suitable and with the right experience to handle your case.  We offer flexible payment plans but at no detriment to the quality of representation and advice we provide you with.  We have experience in all areas of criminal law so we are confident in our own skills and knowledge to work on any case at a consistently high standard.

What Services Do We Provide?

The services we specialise in criminal defence and therefore we have the best team to help in cases of fraud, money laundering, extradition and defence and prosecution in regards to a variety of offences. We help in emergency situations such as  police station service where we have a free of charge service and our extensive network of solicitors and lawyers nation-wide means that we can be with you to help and support you very quickly.

What Is The Cost Of Using Us as Your London Lawyers?

It is impossible to know exactly how many hours we will spend on your case so we feel it is unfair to charge on an hourly rate.  The more details you give to us in your initial enquiries, the more precise we can be in our fee estimate.  We base our fees on the complexity of your case but our rates are highly competitive and have flexible financial plans that can help if you are struggling with costs. Unless there is a dramatic change in your case in general we are very accurate in our estimates so you know exactly what to budget for.

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